Veiled Procrastination.

My name is Tromotor. Naturally it's not my actual name, since I'd like to keep this seperate from my normal life. I found Neocities quite a while back but never tried to make my own webpage. But I've actually always wanted to try.
My mind is quite jumpy and quite obsessive once I've found something I enjoy, so I'll most likely write about whatever I come across that strikes my fancy. I also have a dreadfully short attention span, so if I don't post often or ever again, then that is just the nature of things.
I can group most of my interests in the broad category of systems. A system can be anything with a ruleset and consequences to those rules. It's a very nebulous explanation that in practice mostly refers to things like languages, coding, games, mathematics and really anything else.
What I'll write about in the end I do not know but I am sure it'll be erratic. But I will also use this to get going with html and css.
Thanks for reading!