Beta 1.7.3

I love to relax and build in Beta. It's stress free and slow (in a good way).

Disclaimer: Modern minecraft is actually really good and has a ton of content for most people. I'm not complaining I just realized that it wasn't for me.


I've made my own texturepack because I actually don't like the beta textures (crazy right?).
It's a mix of different textures I found online, some I made myself and some I got from modern minecraft.
I've tried to make it a nice and soft vanilla vibe with lagoon type water and smoother textures. I think you need optifine to see the water though. It might not look that different on here but there is a really quite noticeable difference in game. I haven't really changed the items tho so this terrain.png should be all you need:

I changed the netherrack texture because it was annoying me. It's now much smoother and flatter. I'm not sure I like it though. It's a simple retexture of stone. Here are some screenshots, the nether still looks good:

My world

I'm not sure how much I want to share but here are two screenshots. I might make regular updates when I build stuff. I don't know yet. (I'm not a good builder and I don't have a lot of different blocks at my disposal so don't be too harsh.)