Here I collect my thoughts whenever I feel like it.


I have a habit of jumping between hobbies every couple of months whenever I get bored with one. There's always a period inbetween however in which I don't have a hobby/obsession so I just end up looking for one the whole time. I try out a ton of different stuff to see if I get that spark of interest because whenever I have an obsession, I can absolutely lose myself in it. But it seems like that intermission can't be skipped. Maybe it's my brain recovering or something.
Not having a hobby is so boooring though...
I don't really know if anyone can relate to this but hobbies are a pretty big deal to me.


So I was browsing the other websites on here and I'm just astonished at both the creativity and dedication. Some of the pages look absolutely out of this world.
But you also see a lot of small interesting personal websites about art, interests and such, which are just as fascinating! There are also so many pages which are almost empty and while it's a bit sad to see the people having forgotten or moved on, I think it's just the nature of things. These pages require certain level of dedication and going out of your way to create something from nothing is hard. So from a certain amount of people only 1 might stay and dedicate long term time to creating something on neocities. I wonder which camp I'll end up in. The jury is still out.
I'm currently rereading Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. I still really like them but I have to admit that they're quite annoying to read. The language and the back-and-forth nature of the dialog just wear me down after a while. But it's good if you take breaks and don't rush yourself though.


So I changed the colours of this page because it was hard to read. For now I've just changed it to the colours of the main page for consistency but I might change it to a different palette at some point.
Edit 1: Kinda wanted to add some thoughts. So I have the microcontroller up and running and so far it's really cool. Haven't done anything more mindblowing than printing to a screen but it's progress. I wonder how long this hobby will last. For anyone curious it's an ESP32.


I was thinking about what I wanted to write on here all day and I got some pretty good ideas but I think the most important thing is to actually just do anything and get that ball rolling. So thats what I'm doing here.
I don't necessarily have anything to write though...I got my first microcontroller today though! So that's kinda cool. Haven't gotten it to work yet though. So that's not so cool.
I also have played around with the css on the site a bit and so far I'm quite happy with the colours. I prefer a cleaner minimalistic approach so I'll probably refrain from anything visually loud. But we'll see what happens. I wonder if the font size is too big though. So I might change that at some point. Anyway that's all I got. Bye.